Monday, June 4, 2007

Buying supplements

Today I just ordered supplements from maxtrition , 1 ISS Whey protein 5lbs and an EAS Phosphagen(creatine) which cost me about US$76 or RM260. I've been comparing prices of supplements of different merchants but finally I decided to buy from because they accept paypal payment. That's why I paid US dollars. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Malaysian. Before that I also considered
Egonutritions, Egonutritions is offering quite cheap products just that they are accepting paypal payment so far. I'll considering buying Ego in future in RM. If you are to buy from maxtrition I'd recommend you to buy more than 1 item, of course the items can be a combination of different products and brands. For example if buy only Iss Whey protein alone, it costs about RM169.99 but then I decided to add EAS Phosphagen RM94.99 to my order and I got another 5% discount from the total. That means if you only buy a single item from maxtrition it'll be more expensive than egonutritions. Do the maths. To be frank I find maxtrition's web site more attractive and user friendly. Anyway this is not that important, PRICE says it all. Look for the best value for your hard-earned money.
That's all. Will go to gym later.

Gym session (Thursday)

Went to gym this afternoon. Doing 8 sets of flat bench press with 10 reps each set. Only lift 20kg, because I'm concentrating on getting my form correct. Also did 3 sets of squat and bent-knee deadlift. will get soreness in my quadriceps(quads) and hamstrings tmr i think.

Gym session

I went to gym last Monday. A regular of the gym gave me some advice on weight lifting particularly on bench pressing. He even spotted me when i was benching. He advised me to use lighter weights as a beginner. the most important for me is the form. Form and techniques come before poundage. It's like what bodybuilding pros say. Good form and correct technique is important for long term training and prevent trainees from injuries and frustration. so I'll be going to the gym tmr, will concentrate more on my form instead of poundage. that's all.

Revealling my 6 pack

yesterday i emailed DailyMuscle for fitness advice, to be exact, it's about whether it is possible for to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. the answer i got is about was i expected, NOT VERY POSSIBLE. so now i'll just concentrate on losing fat to reveal abs. sigh... just ate a small snickers.. man..... shouldn't have done that. i wont do it next time.

Bulking or cutting?

i'm a bit confused whether to bulk first or to reveal my abs first.. i decided to concentrate on revealing my six packs.. any ideas??